Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Audio Visual Project Towards Video

Summary outline : 5 Phases of Video Dharma Sangha Bhutan
Time Line : 5 Phases.
End Target : Zero Sum Costs or Profit.
Format Output : Broadcast Quality

Tasks / Goals / Milestones
Phase 1 : Footage : For Formal Short presentations : Fund Raising
deliverables :( 2-3 Mins ) –No More 4 Hr Fuzzy-Dark-out-of-focus shots.

Phase 2 : Footage : For Video documentation : Work in Progress / Fund Raising : Delvierbales :
2-3 mins ( 20-60min footage) ( Properly Edited – Sound Light Visuals )

Phase 3 : Footage : Footage : Fund Raise Presentations : Work In Progress ;
deliverables :3-5 mins. Fully Edited for Formal fund Raising Presentations.
3.1 : Pull in bigger “Guns” film-Makers : Cheryd” for Editing / Scripting/ shoots.
3.2 : Start “Chats” With Beyond International ( Distributors / Buyers for Discovery / National Geographic Channel)

Phase 4 : Target Shaping Salable Final Product :
Deliverables : 26min / 56mins :
Seek interest Broadcast buyers when its 40%-80% complete.
Final Shoots : perhaps can persuade Discovery to “Donate” To the Project with their time / Invite on Location.

Phase 5 : Keep Web Logs :
ongoing : Video Casts : to help gain support in New Areas of the “Discovery Dharma of Bhutan SSS Project Process”.

File Reference : Proejct documents :

See http://sites.google.com/site/earthpacsbhutan

Ling Ling Ong

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Fund Raising Team : Minutes from June 15th 2008

Hi All,
Here is what we discussed and my great teammates, pls feel free to fill in on whatever i missed :))

Calvin, we also need your input on how to target potential donors from NY. Pls email us your thoughts.

1. On the branding side, we went round the table and have a personal take on why each and everyone of us think this SSS project is worth pursuing. ie to provide enough key values for Saxone to work on. Saxone will give us his master piece in 2 weeks time. One great news - Saxone is doing his branding job plus creating a website for this project Free of charge! A BIG THANK YOU to our generous Saxone :))

2. Marketing materials - Ling will work with Saxone. Ling briefly spelled out the plan and I will leave it her to elaborate. She is the expert.

3. On fund raising, Thanks to Madeleine's guidance, the top down strategy is as follows:

Targeted amount is US$1,000,000

20% high roller US$100k per pack. 2 packs US$200,000
40% middle mkt US$10,000 per pack 40 packs US$400,000
40% mass mkt US$2,000 per pack 200 packs US$400,000

3. For all 3 segments, we need everyone's help to throw ideas on how to achieve the targets. We identified a few ideas during the meeting as follows:

Before that, let me THANKS our most generous donor - Fred. May be we can name the main hall after him? any other ideas to Thank Fred?

(i) For high rollers - We especially need Lawrence and Phillip's help to identify potential generous donors. We can name the other common halls after these 2 donors? We should also give blessed Buddha statue? any other ideas ?

(ii) For middle market - Pilgrimage trip to Bhutan US$10,000 a pack and 40 packs per trip. May be we organize 2 trips, one in 2009 and one in 2010? If 2 trips, then may be 30 packs per trip and US$8,000 per pack is more affordable? Programs - Good luck/Long life Puja by the Holiness, audience with Holiness, Dharma talks, a Buddha statue to bring home for eternal blessing, plus of course sight seeing lah.. can work with Uma and get some very special discounts or even total donation from Ong? etc.. needs a Working Committee to work on the details.

(iii) Mass market - Puja/blessing in Spore by Holiness's most senior Sangha or Bhutan's most famous Sangha. Suggest to work with Kong Meng San (?) or any other local temples? We can have 2000 per pack and 500 per pack etc... with different size of Buddha to be bless and to keep etc.. we need another Committee to work on this.

We also spoke about dharma lectures, dinners etc ... to raise funds.

Obviously come to ideas on fund raising, the more the merrier.. pls send in.

I like to propose the next meeting to be in 2 weeks time ie Jun29 Sunday 3-5pm nicely coincide with Saxone's completion of his master piece. Venue - my condo at Icon. Pls advice whether you can make it. If not, what other 2 time slots so that I can compile to pick the best date for everyone.

"Fong, Chenghong"

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Special thanks to the amazing circle of friends who had the initiative to bring everyone together in Bhutan just a few weeks ago.    It will be so interesting to see how this branches out and connects people from so many far-flung places.   

Monday, June 16, 2008

Project Paper : by Mary Ann Tsao

Dear Friends of Bhutanese Sangha,

I am attaching the draft paper for the Bhutan project as promised.

In this paper, I try to summarize events to date, outline what we’ve discussed in terms of a rough framework for the way ahead, as well as rough sketches of some of the steps that need action to move the project along.

I also took the liberty to list members of the Workgroup and possible roles in this project but this is just for discussion and we should define this when we meet again to start working on this in earnest.

Please do review, amend, add and subtract as you see fit. Do send me and the working group your comments.

I would also like to propose a working meeting to review and amend the contents of the paper. This is somewhat urgent as I need to send Karma Penjor something soon (as follow up to our meeting on May 18 and as preparation to the development of the MOU and other actions (e.g. survey of site) on Bhutan’s side.

Selfishly, since I have to head off to the US on June 19 and won’t be back until end July/early August, may I propose a meeting this coming weekend/week so we can get ourselves organized on plans for immediately actionable activities so we can get the ball rolling?

How about Sunday, June 15, 3.00 – 5.00 pm at my house? Can provide/go out for dinner also if some or all of us want to hang out!

Agenda would be:

Review of paper for clarification, amendments
Develop workgroup structure and confirm members, the role people would like to take, etc.
Develop preliminary time line/work plan
Assignment of tasks
Discuss fund raising strategy/plan

Phillip, Lawrence and Fred – Please come if you can but likelihood is that you are traveling; if not available, please send comments on paper or anything else and we will keep you informed.

Cheryd and Rebecca – Would love to have your involvement especially around events that need to be planned for fundraising, etc. Also, Ling is working on a documentary of interviews of monks (part of my needs assessment) as documentation, material to help with fundraising, etc. I thought you guys might enjoy working on that as well, particularly with your expertise, Cheryd. Please let me now if you can be involved – if not now, then perhaps at a later stage.

Ling – Video!!!
Many thanks!

Tashi delek!
Mary Ann
Dr Mary Ann Tsao [matsao@tsaofoundation.org]